Fairchild Semiconductor FSFR 2100 & FAN 7621 Series Magnetics

The following lists the family of off-line Resonant-Mode transformers specifically designed for the Fairchild FSFR-2100 Series of power switches. The transformers for the Fairchild FAN 7621 Series of pulse frequency modulation controllers utilize the same package as the FSFR 2100 Series magnetics but with alterations to the footprint. Please contact us for more detailed information.


As a custom design and manufacturer, Santronics can also engineer transformers to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us to arrange evaluation samples for either the standard product offerings below or for your customized solution.

  Standard FSFR 2100 Magnetics

Power / Voltage Engineering Drawing
200 W / 24 V  SNX-2446
250 W / 24 V  SNX-2448
300 W / 24 V  SNX-2450
350 W / 24 V  SNX-2452
400 W / 24 V  SNX-2454
450 W / 24 V  SNX-2456
200 W / 24 V
(Low Profile Version)
FAN 7261 Magnetics TBD